Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dirt and Dirt Dirt

***An Excerpt From Girl Gone Wild***

There are two kinds of dirt in this world, regular dirt, and dirty dirt.  Dirty dirt is usually living or chemical and encountered mainly in urban or developed settings.  This kind of dirt is the stuff that grows on molding food, toilets, etc.  Dirty dirt is generally avoided by simply keeping a clean and tidy camp just as you would at home.  Anything you run into in the wilderness that is dirty dirt can generally be avoided by simply not touching it and walking away.  The vast majority of dirt you encounter in the out of doors is simple, ordinary, harmless, run of the mill dirt.  It consists of clay, dust, and bits of organic material and is generally entirely harmless.  It also washes off of bodies and out of clothing.  The futility of wiping off a rock before sitting on it, trying to keep hiking boots clean, or limiting your activities to those which are dirt free is enormous, as is the magnitude of the experiences you lose out on trying to sterilize the environment.


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