Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Black Friday


Black Friday, the American custom of mobbing big box stores in the early morning hours after Thanksgiving to score deals on over-marketed consumer goods, has finally stretched out of the confines of the the three days after Thanksgiving and into Thanksgiving itself. This means that in addition to drinking and watching football Americans can now give thanks by going shopping and spending money, much of it on credit. That our need to acquire new possessions occludes our desire to gorge ourselves is only small comfort. As with many things, the lack of ability to recognize the irony of all of this is the most startling aspect of this tradition. It seems that we have learned very little from the Great Recession or the clear indicators of climate change. Americans, it seems, remain as content to imbibe and consume and carry on as they always have. I wonder for what it is that we are thankful.


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