Thursday, June 27, 2013

Post Service


This week, in spite of it being the 21st century, in spite of email and Twitter and Facebook and Skype, in spite of the US Postal Service raising rates and closing offices, I received a real, honest to god letter.  It was all the things a good letter should be, handwritten, on multiple sheets of paper, not just some printed-off picture of someones family or worse, a formal newsletter to friends and family detailing vacations, fifth grade graduations, and recent major purchases.  This was a letter to me, written for me, about the kinds of things people only used to take the time to write about when we lived in an era of taking time to do things.  It was a wonderful and important reminder to do just that, take time.  Intention and deliberateness are often pushed to the wayside in our contemporary rush towards innovation and development.  In the last decade in particular I feel we have put stock in all things new, without really considering the value of some of the things we have replaced.  I feel the loss of letters and worry about trading them in for the false connections and faker y of social media. Perhaps today is a good day to be old fashioned, walk, read a book, write a letter, cook a meal.  Slow down.

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  1. This week we (the boyfriend and I) are implementing technology-free Sundays. No cell phones, no computers, Just books and magazines, dinners with friends, getting lost and asking real people for directions, and now you've inspired me to catch up on my correspondence the old fashioned way. There really is nothing like a hand-written letter :)