Monday, June 24, 2013

Across the Boderline


The pervasive and definitive role of genre in our culture has a way of isolating us from works of art and literature.  I find this to be particularly true in music where everything from playlists to concert tickets and radio shows is carefully sorted into tight categories.  There are entire music services, Pandora for one, that are based on giving the reader more of exactly the same thing.  Some of my favorite albums are out of genre for either my dominant taste or my generation.  I think music is an important way of widening our world view and range of experience.

In that spirit, today I offer you a track from the 1993 Willie Nelson album, Across the Borderline.  This album, while decidedly country, deals with the overarching theme of the American Dream, having and losing it, and the condition of being an American in a lyrical and accessible series of duets with everyone from Paul Simon to Sinead O'Conner.  Love, loss, and the dusty-booted west are the main characters in this album's portrait of the broken promised land.


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