Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Cover Up


The City of Portland has waged an eight year battle to preserve its open-air drinking water reservoirs despite a federal mandate from the post-911 era stipulating that all public water reservoirs be covered. This week, they gave up the ghost and declared plans to cover the city's beautiful reservoirs.  I consider this the worst kind of consequence of our modern era of fear and paranoia.  I grew up with these reservoirs.  They, to me, are part of what "home" means.  The reservoirs are where I go to retreat, walk, think, celebrate, and talk.  I cannot imagine what the city will look like without them.  My heart mourns.

That someone could put something in the water is true, but it has not happened in the history of the reservoirs and the erosion of public trust and the loss of our civic features and way of life is not worth the concrete symbol of our resolve to fight terrorism and dissonance.  Write a letter.  Suggest a design that keeps these areas as some kind of public water features.  Go see the reservoirs while you can.  Remember the good old days.

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