Thursday, June 20, 2013

Drones at Home


Somehow, between the renewed search for Jimmy Hoffa and the totally unrelated but curiously considered so story of James Gandolfini's death, the FBI has let slip that it has been using drones in domestic cases.  This for me goes under the category of "things we already suspected or knew in our hearts about our government but were simply relegating to XFiles paranoia".  Ultimately, we have no right to privacy and since we have a long history of believing these kinds of weapons to be useful against people in other countries, it is going to be difficult to argue why we should not use them at home.  Mostly though, I think the FBI deserves a pat on the back for the careful timing of the release of this information, just as gangsters and the mob are at the forefront of everyone' minds, just when we are all thinking about the difficulty of infiltrating or observing these tightly knit crime societies, the FBI slips this piece of information in.  Well played FBI, well played.

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