Monday, April 1, 2013

Wake Up Call


At last.  At last the birds have returned, the leaves are budding, the crocuses and daffodils are blooming and even the people are shaking off the vestiges of winter with a change of shoes, a swept front porch, and a casting open of the windows.  I find myself out walking, taking long deeps breaths and long, meandering routes through vine-covered alleys and improvised parks.  The air is thick with sweet spring buds.  I marvel at the rediscovery of myself in the world, emerging as I have, whole, well, and in good spirits from my winter slumber.  I let the sun shine on my face.  I become aware that in this moment, there is nothing wrong.  In this moment I have no pressing problems, no concerns or regrets, no fears to face.  In this moment all things are as they should be.  

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