Thursday, April 11, 2013

In Plain Sight


I have only just now, after years of bird watching and myriad course hours studying natural systems and animals really begun to see camouflage.  And I mean really see it, for the first time I am beginning to appreciate the complexity of the markings, how specifically they are developed, and why it is just so hard to spot wildlife.  The moment of this shift in my understanding came when I discovered that Siberian Tigers are not white, as one might think, but bright orange.  How then, you might ask,  do they camouflage themselves from their prey?  The trick is not in blending into the snow, but in blending into the bare orange limbs and tree trunks of the Siberian forest. 

I have been most struck by this in birds, returning over and over again to the pictures in the guidebooks, this time to look not only at the birds, but at their surroundings, seeing them in the greater context of their environment.  I wonder in what other areas of my life this new perspective can be applied, what else I have not been seeing.  Look around; see things differently.


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