Monday, April 8, 2013

Arable Lands


Sustainable green roofing is not a new idea.  It first gained mainstream attention as a solution to the lack of urban green spaces in the form of roof top gardens, and verandas.  Since then, actual live roofing has become an increasingly popular way of addressing urban storm water runoff and air pollution.  These roofs not only play an important role in the psychology of urban living, but also in the movement towards sustainable food networks, energy efficient housing, and passive remediation.  Far from being the sole domain of hobbit holes or thatched cottages, green roofs are now becoming a part of modern design, and they should.  The skeleton of our lives, our infrastructure and architecture can go a long way towards helping us effect the kinds of lifestyle changes we need to make in order to become a healthy, functional society that lives in some kind of balance with the rest of the world.  Start small; plant something.

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