Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Six Words


The Six Word Stories project was launched in 2008.  Inspired by a famous challenge made to Ernest Hemingway, that he could not write a complete story in six words; which he did, this project has asked people to write their memoirs in just six words. And they have done it, with grace, sentiment, and sometimes humor.  What is amazing to me about these tiny distillations is their authors ability to focus in on a singular profundity, theme, or incident in which to frame their lives.  When I try this I my mind scatters to corners of memories and epic tales of adventure, none of which contain either the significance or the brevity of a good six word story.  There is an importance to this effort though, a clearing away of the rubble of ourselves until we can see ourselves more simply, even if the rendering will always be incomplete.

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Hemingway's Story, which he claimed to be his best work
"For sale; baby shoes, never used."

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