Friday, April 26, 2013

Micro Dwellings


This winter I visited the MicroDwell 2013 exhibit at the Shemer Museum in Arizona.  Micro dwellings are exactly what they sound like; less than 100 square foot structures designed to serve a functional purpose using a very small amount of space and resources.  These structures take well to passive heating and cooling, are often portable (at least to the site) and inexpensive to build.  And many of them are just as innovative in terms of design and aesthetic as their full-sized counterparts.

I like the idea of designing small.  I think that smaller living spaces discourage the accumulation of needless possessions, save resources, and improve the quality of life in high population density places.  While the size of these spaces can be initially daunting, consider that small dwellings are not a new idea.  Thousands of people live in trailers, studio apartments, and rented rooms and have for a long time.  Perhaps it is time for us to address some of cultural and climactic challenges with innovative design.

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