Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Truth and Absurdity


This morning I awoke hot and sweating from a tangled mess of midsummer dreams.  I lay for a moment, resisting the day, chasing pictures of brides in massive dresses wearing top hats, party goers comprised of long-lost friends and new acquaintances, a hurried rush on a sunny day to fix some unexpected glitch and...then I lost it.  What I did not lose though, was an overwhelming sense of letting go, of people specifically.  Something about the dream allowed me to step into my day with a sense of calm and peace regarding the people in my past that have moved on and away.  What was most interesting to me about this was that I had no idea that I was longing for that kind of closure.  

Researchers are still investigating all the purposes served by dreaming, deeper sleep, the building of neural pathways, and free association to name a few.  For my part, throughout my life, they have largely been informative.  Dreaming has always been a way for me to identify underlying problems and priorities, solve problems, and find resolution.  That the usefulness of dreams is knitted with the absurdity of my subconscious has never bothered me, rather I believe that the role of the absurd in my dreams is to allow me to face things I would otherwise not be willing to see.

I still do not know what caused the dream I had last night, or why I chose that peculiar set of images to bring me to closure, but I am glad for it.  Dream on baby, dream on.

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