Thursday, July 25, 2013

My Baloney Has a First Name


Not that Anthony Weiner has a particularly interesting sex life, or even a particularly twisted fetish, but he does seem to have a really self destructive and public compulsion that warrants at least a few words.  Is there anything wrong or perverse about his private behavior taken from the context of him as a private citizen? No.  Will it really impact his ability to serve as a political figure? No.  Is it really any of our business? Probably not.  But it is in poor taste, especially the second time around.  That being said, the far more interesting figure in this whole thing is his wife, who is standing by him for a second time.  Mrs. Weiner is young, beautiful and accomplished in her own right, and, ironically, employed by Hilary Clinton.  That she is staying with him indicates that her sense of self esteem, and what she needs from a man and a life partnership is pretty well developed.  While it might be easy to kick him to the curb, that she chooses not to indicates that the relationship serves some other kind of purpose in her life.  Any good, long term relationship is most likely not based primarily on sex and most likely comes with a deep understanding of one another's weaknesses, proclivities, and needs.  Perhaps Mrs. Weiner has taken a page from Mrs. Clinton, and knows that the road is long and that her character may be well fixed in the public eye as solid, loyal, and compassionate, opinions that may serve her well if she wants to continue working in the public sector. While she might be playing the tragic figure right now, she, hopefully, is aware of how this all may serve her in the end.  It worked for Hilary.

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