Monday, July 8, 2013

Life on Easy Street


It is remarkable what a few days away from traffic and deadlines, and cell phones, and the internet can do to calm ones mind and bring things back into perspective.  Fresh air, warm summer lake water, and dinners cooked over an open fire go a long way towards reminding us just how simple things can be and just how good the good life really is.  So much of our stress, discomforts, and drama is manufactured by modern life, Facebook, the constant chirping of the phone, errands, that we forget that these modern trappings are voluntary and largely unnecessary.  I think we forget too to make sure that they are serving a higher purpose in our lives, and if they are not, we forget that we can let them go.  The world does not come crashing down if we do not check our email and all those other things that we are told are so important.  These modern gadgets used to be called conveniences, and we were promised they would save us time, make life more efficient so that we would have more time for the good life.  In my experience these things only consume more and more of my time, pulling me away from the people and experiences that make me truly happy.  In my experience the good life does not come in packaging or with bells and whistles, it comes in summer evenings, with people you care for, far from the crush and noise of the daily grind.  

It is time.  Go outside. Ignore your phone.  Soak up the sun.  Happy summer.

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