Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Too Hot To Handle


NASA has just released a massive report concerning climate change, population growth, resource distribution and economic justice this week. Their conclusion? Bad things come to those who wait. Based on empirical data, numerical modeling, and historical precedent, this study is one of the first mainstream, high-profile reports to conclude that the collapse of civilization in the coming decades is not only possible, but probable.

They sound like activists or radicals or that crazy guy that mutters to himself on the street corner or a character from the X Files. But they're not. They're NASA, telling it like it is. It is time to accept the fact that all those environmental and economic models that predicted collapse of one kind or another, predicted it by 2050. And it turns out the people making those models knew a thing or two about what they were doing.

The up side is, NASA also reminds us that we can do all the same things people have been telling us to do to save ourselves (kind of  like the dentist reminding you to floss). Live sustainably,  distribute wealth and resources among the people, make less people in general. Simple. And not up to everyone else to do for you.

To read the outstanding summary of NASA's report published in the Guardian:

Photograph Courtesy of NASA via the Guardian

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