Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Doris Diaries


There is a wonderful series of books from the collection of diaries by Doris Murphy, a young 1920's woman from Portland, Oregon that are worth a read for anyone that enjoys history, the Jazz Age, and smart, spunky women. The diaries are a glimpse into the changing world of early 20th century America from the perspective of a girl that is breaking rules, pushing boundaries, and generally enjoying herself. What is great about Doris is that she is innocent of her own modernity. The diaries give the reader insight into the hows of ordinary social evolution. What kinds of places might a young women be able to go to? Who can you date? Do you actually have to like him to flirt with him, or can you just like him? The diaries are honest, charming, and a lovely window into the kind of world we used to live in. Happy reading.

To hear Julia Park Tracey, the editor of The Doris Diaries and niece of Doris Murphy discuss the books on OPB radio:


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