Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Flash In The Pan


Sometimes I write flash fiction. I like the confines of the form, the necessary brevity of meeting a tiny word count, and the satisfaction of a complete story in a small package. This story one first place in Bang! magazines flash fiction contest a couple of years ago. The theme was travel and beer in 300 words. Enjoy.

Even Girls Drink Beer

Ultimately, it wouldn’t matter if it was the typewriter or his suitcase that she threw out the window first. But at the time, it seemed like an important decision. She chose the typewriter, though witnesses wouldn’t recall its shattering to the ground. It was the suitcase they would remember. The suitcase, opening as it left her hands, the contents catching fire as they passed the burning curtains. She stopped short of chucking his beer. Instead, she grabbed a bottle and carried it across the street to wait for the trucks. He was right, she thought, it was damn good beer.

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