Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Scarlet Cap


For those of us worried about the sustainability of Pope Francis' policy changes or the robustness of his legacy in the church as he ages, hope arrives today in the form of nineteen newly appointed Cardinals.  Pope Francis, perhaps aware of his progressing age, is appointing nineteen new Cardinals, the equivalent of replacing the entire US Presidential cabinet. What is exciting about these appointments is the potential for trickle-down reform. Cardinals serve as liaisons and advisers to the Pope, but also run individual archdiocese which set policy and for entire regions. Cardinals are powerful and influential. And now, thanks to Pope Francis, they are also multicultural, hailing from traditionally unrepresented Catholic regions such as Haiti. If the good decision making of Pope Francis holds true, these men will embrace his vision of their new position.

 " This does not signify a promotion, an honor nor a decoration: it is simply a service that demands a broader vision and a bigger heart," 


Listen to Meryn Cadell's "Pope" Here:


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