Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Best Served Cold


Last month Federal agents arrested the owner and director of IsAnyoneUp, a website that specializes in revenge porn. It turns out, there are a lot of people, an estimated five percent of Americans, that participate in revenge porn, which is best described as the public leaking of personal images and video, usually after a breakup. Ouch. That this is an industry amazes me. For such a thing to exist requires a long series of morally and ethically questionable decisions from everyone involved from the people that make the media (in the privacy of their own homes, which they have every right to do) to the people that submit, edit, and post it, and finally the people that choose to view it. I can only imagine the kind of karmic return one receives for doing such a thing. is it not enough that an estimated 99% of the internet is filled with pornographic content made largely by people who willingly participated and knew the images would be made public? Do so many of us lack the basic human compassion required to prevent us from doing public and permanent harm to someone we used to feel a close connection to? And what is happening with the rest of us that we want to be active players and witness one persons revenge and another's downfall? Even with recent law suits and arrests this is clearly a trend that is not dying any time soon. So make good choices, be kind, and watch your back for the cold dish.


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