Friday, January 17, 2014

Would Have Been Nice To Know


Some days I go out into the world and interact with people and witness the process of all of us trying to make it through our days and I am astounded by how very many of our interactions are exactly as they were in say, the third grade. I am usually surprised by my irritation, I mean, this is clearly the way of the world. Somehow though, in all my education, I missed that piece, the part about some things just never changing. There will always be the kid that picks on people, the one that cheats or steals, the pleaser, the line cutter, and the outcast. People will still fight over shiny toys, equal division of attention and property and they will still stick their tongues out at one another. Today what gives me hope is the idea that if those childhood vestiges still exist perhaps so do wonder, playful abandon, easy friendship, and heartfelt apologies. Today I ask myself, which inner child will you choose to carry today?

"The most sophisticated people I know-inside they are all children." Jim Henson

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