Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Promises Promises


On September 3rd Matthew Cordle published a video confessing to killing a man while driving drunk earlier in the summer.  The video quickly went viral and sparked all kinds of discussion about drunk driving, manipulation of the legal system, and taking responsibility for one's actions.  What I find most compelling about this story though, is the website through which Matt's video was produced and distributed.  Becauseisaidiwould.com is a non-profit organization based on the concept of keeping promises.  The idea behind the site is that by stating our intentions to a broader audience, we may be able to hold ourselves accountable to our own words and intentions.  I think that it is a compelling concept for a culture that values victim-hood and lack of responsibility.  

What is the role of promises in your life? What commitments have you made? What is your word worth?  How do promises, kept and broken, play out in your relationships at home and at work?  Do you believe in truth and trust?

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