Monday, September 16, 2013

Girl Gone Wild


Two years ago I started looking for a well-written book about women in the wilderness.  I was looking for something both inspirational and practical, written from the standpoint of a woman that actually spends time in the outdoors.  What I found were gimmick books on glamping and diaries of pioneer wives, nothing written from a naturalists perspective and nothing that seemed instructive or addressed women-specific issues.  I thought that I couldn't possibly be the only woman that was interested in hearing about other women's outdoor experiences and I knew that I wasn't the only woman that could have used some guidance regarding safety, navigation, and any number of other things that come up when hiking and camping.  These books exist for men, I thought, why not women?  Is it possible that gender differences disappear in the wilderness?  Unlikely.  More likely, I thought, was that the male-dominated outdoor industry just hadn't figured out that there was a demand for women's outdoor narrative and some really good instructions for how not to pee on our shoes.

So, I wrote it.  Or most of it, really.  With thirty some-odd years of outdoor experience, a graduate degree in volcanology, and teaching and writing experience, I felt uniquely qualified for the task.  The only problem, how to find the time to finish the text and prepare to submit it for publication without quitting my day job.  The answer, quit your day job anyway.  So I did, well, one of them. And now I need your help.

I am running a Kickstarter to raise enough money to finish the text, edit it, format the images and figures, and get it out to publishers.  If you are can support me, please do.  I am offering some great rewards for my donors from wall calendars to day hikes in the hopes of enticing you to contribute financially.  If you can't contribute, and even if you can and do, you can help by spreading the word.  Anyone can support a Kickstarter project and I am going to need a lot of people to meet my (modest) goal so every repost, tweet, and link you can send out to your own network is invaluable to me.  I really appreciate your support!

To view the Kickstarter video, read excerpts from the book and other examples of my writing click here:
Girl Gone Wild

Keep checking back for updates, we have thirty days to make this happen,!

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