Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sit, Stay


There is an impossibility in sitting still.  I know this is not true of many if not most people, but for me, it is an affliction.  Consider this chain of events, hyperactivity and high energy cause one to over-schedule ones time.   This over-scheduling results in an unfortunate and unpredictable overload; the flu arrives to one's domicile, though thankfully not oneself.  Having made it miraculously to the end game a few days of crucial rest, a celebration and cutting loose which results in an absolute shut down of ones body.  I find myself backed into a corner with only one thing to do, rest.  I marvel at my ability to repeat patterns similar to this throughout my life, and at how frequently those around me do as well.  And we talk about it, or rather, we talk about how everyone should take it easy, take some time, get some rest.  It seems that there are always important things to do.

Consider though, if one were to write a short list of the most valuable things in life, perhaps things like, love, happiness, and health would come up, and that many of those things could be enhanced with more rest.  Perhaps rest is not a luxury to be sacrificed for other, more important things, or a commodity to be traded for wages or gain, but an obligation to the self, and something that should rank highly among our priorities.

Do not wait for your body to demand it, just go get some rest.

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