Friday, March 22, 2013

Expression of Care


It has taken me many years to come to realize that I am just as worthy of care, attention and affection as anyone else.  That those around me may neglect to willingly or graciously give those things to me is not a reflection on me or an indication that I am a lesser person.  People give what they have to offer, which often times is not a lot.  Often they either lack the time, skills, or compassion to reach out to others.  Ultimately, their behaviors are theirs to own, not anything that I can influence.

Consider our own ability to express gratitude and love.  Consider the impact that a daily expression of care to those you value may have on your life. Try harder to show the people that you love that they are important, that their presence in your world has import and weight.  Try not to let them slip away. 

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