Thursday, March 21, 2013

Neap Tide


The rain drives.  The wind howls.  Inside fevers rage against a final flu, the last of the season arriving in the early days of spring.  Outside, an ambulance arrives to take away an elderly neighbor.  The mail stands in tall stacks, sorted and ignored.  There are probably bills in there, important, time dependent things that should be addressed.  A good friend calls to say her life is on fire, there is no help to offer her, only an ear, a nod, a gentle cooing.  

Life has a way of pressing itself upon us, flattening us down, stretching our time, patience, and good humor.  It is important in these times to remember that like the rain, they come in bands, great stretches of gray.  This is not the new state of things, there is no permanence in this malaise.  Like the rain, this too shall pass.


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