Monday, May 19, 2014

Magic and Fairy Tales


I remember unicorns and flying dogs and Hobbits and dancing tin men.

I remember aliens on flying bicycles, tiny green gurus, and David Bowie,

I remember Tinkerbell, dancing brooms, and psychedelic elephants.

I remember downtrodden princesses, knights in shining armor and evil stepmothers.

I remember Easter Bunnies, workshop elves, and teeth turned into silver dollars.

I remember sly foxes, cross-dressing wolves, and billy goats gruff.

I remember talking owls, roller skating bears, and crime fighting ninja turtles.

I remember sparkling lights, beautiful gowns, and ethereal singing.

I remember that flying is possible, transformation probable, and true love always winning.

I remember believing.

Photograph from the Lane Community College performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream April 2014


  1. It is overwhelming. Growing up brings a loss of all these fantastic things and the joy of believing. I'm with you here. This is such a moving piece. Thanks wild thing ��

  2. Love this, and I know what you mean. All the little memories.

  3. Such a beautiful weaving of culture and tales, music and books. Your last line caught me up with emotion!

  4. Such a vibrant collage of memories. Lovely! :)