Sunday, May 11, 2014

Bite Size Memoir 2- Jinks and Japes


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Mr. McPartland was the kind of high school teacher that nobody knew what he was doing there, not eve himself. He was prone to long ramblings, "music days" and oral exams, all of which were awkward, to say the least, in a trigonometry class. Most days, he would chuck his keys at whichever of us he encountered in the hallway so he could arrive fifteen minutes late and then ignore us for the rest of the period. It got to be pretty boring.

So one day Josh gets this idea about climbing into the ceiling like that scene from The Breakfast Club, which worked, except he didn't really have anyplace to go. While he was perched up there checking it out Mr. McPartland finally came to class. I figured he would notice the open hole in the ceiling right away and so did everyone else, but he just came in, put the next weeks problems on the board, and started deriving some identity. Josh, meanwhile, was still trying to figure out what to do, not wanting to actually get in trouble for climbing into the ceiling. From my desk I could look up and see his arms and legs starting to shake with the effort of holding himself in position. And then, about forty minutes into class, he just gave way and came crashing back down onto his desk. Mr. McPartland almost had a heart attack, we all got in trouble, and he started coming to class on time. 


  1. That is hysterical! I recall the scene and had boys in my class who would have done something like that except we had Mr. Price and he was the basketball coach! No one pulled a jape on him!

  2. I went to an all girls school and I clearly missed out on some stuff ! Some of the teachers were really scary and the worst I got up to was blowing up lungs with bunsen burner tubes in biology. Score 3 on the fainting! Kudos for weeks - wish I'd remembered that for this week!!