Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Simple Things


Fall brings with it such a hustling and bustling that the simple things in life can slip right through our fingers. Why should we stop to smell the newly rain-scrubbed air or savor the warming of our hands wrapped around a cup of tea when there are football games, little leagues, school projects and the impending doom of holiday shopping, decorating and entertaining to attend to? 

This week, I reject both hustle and bustle, regardless of deadlines and obligations. Instead, I choose to whittle out space to savor the season, the changing of the leaves, the sound of rain against the roof, and early night fall. Most of this time is carved from the earliest parts of mornings. Some simple morning gratitudes:

Piano practice.
Soggy mushroom hunts.
Pumpkins roasting in the oven.
Leaf prints, stained into the sidewalk.
The filling of the root cellar.
Coffee by the fire.
Garden beds, neatly turned for winter.

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