Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Where Does She Find The Time?


One of the things I am most frequently asked is how do you find the time? The trick, I think, is to find what you love and go after it, without roadblocking or discouraging yourself. Some things I do to help myself along my path.

I make lists.
I keep a clean house.
I group tasks and errands.
I ignore the phone and the internet.
I set limits on how much time I will give to a task.
I triage.
I do things that I love and work most days.
I don't work at all some days.
I make choices.
I have a clear vision of my goals and obligations.
I allow my vision to shift with necessity.
I break tasks into component parts.
I start early.
I plan ahead.
I expect the unexpected.
I hustle.

How do you find the time? Share your answers in the comments.


  1. I'm behind you (especially the fourth one - I'm doing better, but..) and your way of expressing this in a list, instead of my rambling posts, says it all!
    We're all on the same theme of managing our time though - the planet's are up to something!
    Lisa xx

    1. It's nice of you to notice the list, I have been blogging in short form lately, something about clearing my thoughts....