Tuesday, June 3, 2014

West of Most Things- Part 2


Things I learned from Jonathon Evison at last weeks Northwest Perspectives Essay Contest workshop. In no particular order, and with the caveat, from Jonathon himself, that he holds no claims of being a writing instructor, nor of being particularly cogent. Still,

Write everyday.
Expect rejection.
Deleting can be just as useful as writing.
Change perspective, yours, and the narrator's.
Find your own voice.
Never forget your reader, never leave them behind, never stop think about their experience.
Beer is good.

Jonathon Evison's website:


  1. From reading your posts on this workshop it seems like you left with a belly full of beer--so to speak! Thanks for sharing the tips you gleaned.

  2. Deleting can be as important as writing – such good advice although sometimes hard to follow