Thursday, October 10, 2013

Keeping The Lights On

One of the constants of adulthood is the paying of the bills. The how's of this task, from my mother's days of handwriting checks and stuffing envelopes to my automated electronic payments, may have changed, but the reality of having to pay what is due, when it is due have not. At least not for those of us that are not in congress. I think about the shutdown and I worry for the many Americans that live paycheck to paycheck, for all those people that were waiting on a particular check to pay off a particular bill, or take that vacation, or even just buy groceries. I think about these things and I think that the shutdown is bad, and hard and that holding the public hostage is no way to pursue a political agenda. And then there are these three examples of shutdown consequences:

People waiting to participate in the housing recovery by purchasing homes cannot move forward with escrow because the IRS is not open to validate income.

A really big salmonella outbreak is taking place, but neither the health inspectors nor the CDC are around to save us from ourselves.

And...Federal prison guards are not being paid but are being required to show up to work. I can only imagine the conditions in a prison where the guards have no incentive and the inmates have psychological leverage.

The question we ask now is, in what way are we being served by our government if our representatives choose not to pay the bills?

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