Wednesday, August 14, 2013

So That's It


I have a long-standing curiosity about average folk and how they spend their time.  It would be easy enough to discount the majority of people as television watching, video game playing, fast food eating "average Joe's" that have no drive, special talents, or interesting hobbies but then I hear about events like food eating contests, Big Lebowski festivals, catfish noodlers, and yo-yo championships and remember that people not only participate in these things, they have to prepare for them. In order for a yo-yo world championship to exist there must be many many people entering many many events.  That means that all those people are standing in their living rooms and back yard for hours at a time mastering an obscure talent that may or may not ever be appreciated.  It means that classes and blogs and special equipment and t-shirts exist for such things.  It means that there is an entire world with it's own social network, hierarchy, and rivalries that exists just for yo-yo's. Fascinating.

To watch the World Yo-Yo Champion in action follow the link below.  The best part of the video is listening to the audience get really really excited about whatever the heck this guy is doing.

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