Sunday, January 25, 2009

Do or Do Not.

In post-WWII Poland the communist authority officially sanctioned only one artistic movement, Socialist Realism, a style of realism intended to further propagandize socialism and communism. By the 1970's a new communist Poland had emerged in response to social unrest and a failing economy. Citizens were granted limited freedom of speech and access to western media. In isolation, a new Polish aesthetic developed. As some consequence of this new modernity, western movies were imported, but released with new poster art, as demonstrated above in the official movie poster for the Polish release of Star Wars.

Star Wars - gwiezdne wojny Limited edition art poster with the film subject. 400 copies printed Original Polish poster designer: Michal Ksiazek


  1. Awesome. I will make it my desktop for the week.

  2. Thats awesome. You know I did my final paper on "Socialist Realism: Iconography Allegory, and spreading Nationalist Fervor" or it was named something to that effect.